Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Madness!

March was a fun one for our family of three!  Our wonderful friends Jon and Amanda came to visit from Iowa!  They were here for Rodeo Cookoff!  I hope we showed them a proper Texas good time :)  

Ran my first 10K with this pretty girl!

The most wonderful time of the year...Rodeo Cookoff!

Look who we got photobombed by!  None other than my sweet friend, Sarah Jane!

Mike's dad and stepmom came to visit this month, too!  Friday, we had a fun day at the beach and Saturday, we went to see The Band Perry at the Rodeo.  Here are some photos from their stay!


Three generations of Smothers men :)



Howdy, pardner!

Like grandfather, like grandson :)

Month Nine Update

Hello!  I should probably stop apologizing for my tardiness with these monthly updates.  The only time I have to write these posts is when Aiden goes to bed at night and well, let me be honest with you...I've been binge-watching Breaking Bad every night.  #priorities #sorrynotsorry

The month of February was on and off the calendar quicker than I had time to blink.  I think my life is set on fast forward, because I CAN'T. KEEP. UP!  Anyways, at nine months, Aiden started crawling and standing up and leaning on furniture.  He also likes to jerk his head like Daddy does when he tries to make Aiden laugh.  He can wave "hi" but only with his right weird!  Aiden started shaking his head this month.  At first, we thought he was saying no, but then one day, when Mike was playing tug-of-war with Bri, we noticed every time Bri would jerk her head from side to side with her toys, Aiden would start shaking his head, too!  Oh, the things kids learn!  At nine months, Aiden is able to sign "more."  We're still working on "eat" and "all done"!  He can say "mama," "dada," and "baba."  He tried guacamole and tortillas for the first time and he loved them both!  He is such a happy baby!  Mike and I are beyond blessed to have such a good kiddo!

Heartbreaker ;)

Tub time!

Having fun at his buddy Tucker's birthday party!

Watch out for flying babies!

Mirror, mirror

Channeling his inner Johnny Cash!
Happy Go Texan Day!
He loves tortillas :)

Nine Month Stats and Milestones
* Height - 28.25" (46%)
* Weight - 17 lbs., 12 oz. (18%)
* Head Circumference - 17.75" (53%)
*New foods - tortillas and guacamole
* Waves "hi"
* Says "mama," "dada," and "baba"
* Signs "more"

Love you, big guy!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Month Eight Update!

Don't worry, the month hasn't passed by that quickly!  I'm just ON TIME with his monthly update this month :)  My little baby doesn't seem much like a baby anymore!  I swear, from month to month, he looks like a completely different baby!  I can't even look at pictures from June without crying!  Where did my newborn baby go?!  I know it's so cliche when people say "they grow up so fast" but I never really knew how true those words were until I had my own child.  It truly is amazing how much they change with every passing day!

Anyways, little guy is such a happy baby!  The only time he's really fussy is when he's hungry or sleepy, which makes it easy for us to read his cues!  He's been sleeping great during the night and taking some really good naps, too!  I think he may be going through a growth spurt because there are times that we have to wake him up from his evening nap so we can bathe, change and feed him for the night.  Aiden loves his music, especially country!  Whenever a song comes on the radio or on TV, he stops whatever he's doing and pays attention.  He loves to "sing" to the music, too!  He's really close to crawling...getting on all fours and rocking!  He's even standing/leaning on furniture!  Maybe he'll just go straight to walking instead of crawling!  He loves being thrown in the air by Daddy, too!  Just a few days ago, he started noticing the shadows his hands make against the wall, so every time he's on the changing table, he stares at the wall and plays with his hand shadows.  My best friend of 26 (yes 26!) years, Carolyn, came to meet Aiden for the first time this month!  I knew he would love her because well, she's just an amazing person!  She's been living in Paris for the past three years and I am SO HAPPY that she's back!  It's so cool seeing my childhood friend with MY child.  The circle of life ;)

Picture time!!!

Aiden and Carolyn.  That frightened look is from the flash on the camera, not Caro!

"Anyone who gets on the floor and plays with me is good people!"

Baby in a basket!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Eight Month Highlights
* Up on his hands and knees rocking
* Standing/leaning against furniture
* Loves music
* Plays with his hand shadows
* Loves being thrown in the air by Daddy
* Favorite toy - remote control and baby cell phone
* Loves chicken & avocado and banana & oatmeal

"Mama, we're not impressed with your lack of photo-taking skills."

"Just standing here, Mama.  NO BIG DEAL!"
And now, a few videos!

It's a's a, it's FLYING BABY!                                                      

Rockin' and Rollin' (minus the "rollin'")

                                                                     Best. Laugh. Ever!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pat-a-Cake and Nuttiness

I meant to add these to the last post, but I forgot!  Here are a couple videos of Aiden that I want to share!  The first one is him "clapping" to Pat-a-Cake and the second is him being a nut!

Month Seven

Hola friends and family!  Look who's almost three weeks late on getting Aiden's monthly post up?!  Are you at all surprised?!  Yeah, me neither!  Anyways, last month was pretty eventful for Mr. Aiden...we celebrated Christmas and New Year's and even had our first cold (yuck!).  At seven months, Aiden started sitting up all by himself!  He loves to "clap" by doing a rolling motion with his fists, and when Gramma Nancy or I start singing "Pat-a-Cake," Aiden starts "clapping" darn cute!  He loves to squeal and talk, too.  Another cool milestone this month, Aiden waved "bye" to my friend Sarah!  Maybe it was just a coincidence, but when she waved at him, he waved right back!  Aiden's still teething, lots of drooling, but still no teeth breaking through yet.  He really enjoys watching Bri and my mom's dog Sandy run around and he reaches out and pets them, too.  He's getting a bit closer to crawling, he just can't seem to coordinate his arms and legs at the same time.  He sleeps on his tummy with his butt in the air.  How this is comfortable, I'll never know!  He tried chicken for the first time this month and he seems to like it, especially mixed with avocado (his favorite!).  I keep telling Mike that, when he's old enough to eat chips, Aiden's going to be my guacamole buddy when we go out for Mexican food!

Don't let Bri's face fool you.  She's actually really enjoying this!  Ha!

Really, Mom?!  Another picture?!

Big boy sitting at the big table!

What can I say?!  I'm an adorable guy!  ;)

Mmmm, books!

My Auntie Coco makes the BEST blankets!

My beautiful, blue-eyed babe!

Happy boy, hanging out with Daddy and Bri!

Seven Month Highlights
* Nicknames: Bud and Bubba
* Sitting up all by himself
* Clapping
* Waved "bye" for the first time
* No teeth yet, still teething!
* Loves avocados and chicken
* Celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve with Mommy, Daddy and Gramma Nancy

These photo shoots are getting tougher the older he gets ;)

Love you, big guy!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Okidoki, one more post and I'm all caught up!  Another quiet holiday spent at home.  I'm kind of digging this whole quiet, at home holiday season we've had.  I think this means I'm getting old.  Or that I have a baby and my priorities have changed quite a bit.  Either way, I got some really cute pictures of Aiden (what's new?!) celebrating his first New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year!