Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Nothing Blog Post

This is my Nothing blog post.  It's a post about Nothing.  Aren't you glad you stopped by?!  I have no new photos to post, no DIY projects, no precious words of wisdom.  BUT, what I DO have are BIG BIG plans!  I have a great idea for my next blog post, so stay tuned!  OH, and this weekend, I will turn my three day weekend into a productive one by starting on our master bath remodel!  And with photos to boot!  It will be FABULOUS...just you wait!  I'm also going to post photos to my "What an Amateur" tab from my photography class projects...YAY!

There's LOTS of potential in this here blog...dont let the nothingness confuse you!

In the meantime, please enjoy this SNL clip from my *new* favorite actress, Kristen Wiig!  Her latest movie is Bridesmaids.  Go. See. This. Film.  You will not be disappointed...promise!  This chick is AMAZINGLY funny!  I tell ya, SNL is making a comeback with funny ladies like Kristen!

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