Monday, July 25, 2011

Excitement on the Horizon

Friends!  Long time no talk!  It's been exceptionally busy around these parts lately.  What with moving into our beautiful new office (I'd tell you where, but I'd have to kill you), and the daily mundane things of life, I haven't had much time to "water" my blog.  I'm sorry poor blog, you're looking a little wilted lately.  I will try very hard to keep you nourished.  No promises though, because maintaining a blog is pretty much the last thing on my priority list of things to do.  Except for maybe if I could turn this into a money-making business and get tons of sponsors to pay me to ramble and post pictures of my dog.  Yeah...I don't see that happening anytime soon.  But I digress...

...first off, a HUGE congratulations to my beautiful BFF Lindsey and her soon-to-be hubby Casey on their engagement!  And I am so absolutely thrilled not only to be a bridesmaid (big perk to being a BFF!), but to see my best friend find a man who loves her and her son so much!  I am thrilled the Lord put Casey into Lindsey and Colton's life.  And because they have made Him the center of their relationship, it has blossomed into a wonderful love that will be solidified in holy matrimony!  I love you, Lindsey and Casey and I wish you all of the joy and happiness in your new life together!!

Casey, Lindsey and Colton (and the Lord right smack dab in the center!)

...So, there's alot of excitement on the horizon for the Smothers clan.  NO...I'm NOT pregnant...yet!  But, I do feel like the hubby and I have been "sewing our wild oats," so to speak, in preparation for when that time comes to start working on creating our own spawn (eew, that sounds creepy).  We're filling our life plate full with traveling, family and friends!  These next few months are going to be fabuloso (that's fabulous in Spanish)!  Next week, I'm flying to Seattle to meet up with Mike and visit with my amazing family!  Can't wait to see them...they make my heart so happy!  And we'll certainly be hitting up some yummy seafood places and of course this place...
Rainier cherries are calling my name...

AND you can't visit Pike Place without stepping foot into the Mecca...
...the Original Starbucks, baby!

And, for good measure, we may need to hit up a little cupcake shop that I saw on The Cooking Channel as having some of the most creative, delectable cupcakes on Earth...
The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.
...a bacon-flavored cupcake. Sinful. Where's the chocolate?!

In September, our awesome Iowa friends, Jon and Amanda, are coming for a visit!  We'll be doing some tailgating and hittin' easy street on mud tires with Jason Aldean!  Well, not really with him persay, more like attending his concert.  But whatever, you know what I mean!  I have a feeling some boat rides on Lake Norman are also in our future when Jon and Amanda are here!  Oh yeah...and lots of beer...and food...and wine...
See y'all soon! And I swiped this from your Facebook page, Amanda. I didnt think you'd mind ;)

In October, we're celebrating Halloween, Vegas style with some more great Iowa friends! More drinking and food in our future?! Me thinketh so!
...Until we meet again, Mr. Buffett!

And then comes the holidays! WOOHOO! I'm praying for a White Christmas, as Mom and Dad will be in town!  And I get to decorate the house! Double WOOHOO! And we'll have someone to share the holidays with! Triple WOOHOO!
"Is it Christmas yet, Mommy?"

Lots of excitement...come join the fun! There's always room here at La Casa de Smothers!

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  1. :)))) Yep you got me on that one; I was waiting for the "baby" news, LOL!