Saturday, October 1, 2011

What I Learned Today

This morning marked my third year of running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  While last year, I had the privilege of coordinating a team from work, this year was much more low-key...just me, myself and I, running in the cool, brisk fall air with the sun high in the Carolina sky.  Wow, that rhymed!

This year, without distraction, I was able to take a step back and really learn a few things about this amazing event.  But I must warn you, not ALL of these moments of learning were pretty...

 - Today, I learned that it's important to wake up atleast one hour before you're supposed to leave the house to get your digestive system working (if you catch my drift).  Sister had to haul it to the closest bathroom once I got downtown. 

- Today, I learned the consequences of not allowing your digestive system to "wake up" prior to a run.  About 1.5 miles in, I watched a girl run off the road, drop her pants and crouch behind a tree.  With thousands of people running by.  And it was a skinny tree.  I said a prayer for that poor girl.

- Today, I learned...when you gotta go, you gotta go.

- Today, I learned that hills are my enemy.  Especially when I'm on mile three and I havent trained as well as I should have.

- Today, I learned I need to start training better for these 5Ks.  Sure, 3.1 miles sounds like a short distance but DAMN, not when you're attempting to climb what seems like Mt. Everest at mile 3!

- Today, I learned that an Einstein's Bagels egg white bagel sandwich and coffee is the perfect post-race meal!

- Today, I learned to never take my health for granted.

- Today, I learned that so many wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends have lost their battle to breast cancer.  I thank God daily for the women in my life who have beaten this disease. 

Today, I ran for them.



  1. This is a great post! I am so glad I found your blog. Can we be friends in real life since we are "colleagues" and neighbors! We need to hang out soon!

  2. Hi Tanya! Thanks for finding my blog! I'm glad I found yours as well! Now that we're virtual friends, I definitely think it's time we take the next step into real-life friends...hehe!