Sunday, January 29, 2012


So, I find it pretty lame that I am only averaging about one post per month!  That's OK...I enjoy reading others' blogs way more than I enjoy writing my own!  Now that I have my new iPhone, I've found that I rarely get onto Facebook or blogs on a computer, so status updates, posting photos and blog posts just don't seem to occur as often for me.  I think that's a good thing, though as I've had a tendency to post too much of my personal life for the world to see!  I'm trying to be more mature and think before typing!

Lots going on in the Smothers clan lately!  Around New Year's, we found out Mike's youngest sister is pregnant with her first baby!!!  Mike and I are going to be aunt and uncle for the first time!!!  Baby Zoey Wonderlich is due in August, just in time for our arrival for the Iowa State Fair!  Super excited!!  Mike's cousin and his wife are also expecting around the same time!  There must be something in that Iowa water....!!!  Must get me a long, tall drink when we get there this summer ;)

In other fabulous baby news, my sweet friend Carolyn welcomed baby #2 to the world this month!  How beautiful is this amazing little boy!!!

Welcome to the world, John David!
And, it won't be long before this beautiful momma welcomes Mr. Trace William Duke to the world!!
See what I mean?!  There's something in that Iowa water...
On to other non-baby news!  Mike and I signed a contract today on our brand new home!!  We are building in a new development, about eight minutes from our current home.  We'll be putting our current house on the market and will hopefully get it sold by the time our new one is complete in July!  The plan is to begin breaking ground in 3-4 weeks!  

It's official!  And, please forgive the sideways picture...I cant seem to rotate it right side up!

Mike scaling his new yard!

I think my next post will be about my obsession with Pinterest!  Later, gators!

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  1. OMG! A new home! That is FABULOUS news Crissy! I'd love to see the floor plan...and make sure there is room for a nursery :)
    Don't forget to let me know when you guys are coming to Houston!!! This momma needs a night out!