Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On Being Pregnant...and Sick

After dealing with a cold since Christmas, I finally broke down and took a sick day yesterday.  I started feeling yucky while in Iowa, which I chocked up to the crazy cold weather.  Once we returned to warmer climates here in Houston, my symptoms began to subside and I thought I was on the upswing until a few days ago when the congestion and cough came back.  When I woke up at 4:30am yesterday morning with a throat so swollen I couldn't swallow my own saliva, I figured I could cut myself some slack and call in sick.  I went to the doc yesterday and, "Congratulations, you have a viral infection but, because you're pregnant, we can't prescribe you anything."  Fabulous.  So, does that mean I get my co-pay back?!  Um, that would be a big fat NEGATIVE! 

So, here we are, $25 later and all I have to show for it are some approved, over-the-counter meds and a few home remedies:

"Live Claritin Clear."  Yeah, I'm still waiting on that "clear" feeling...

The Neti Pot.  I'm not so sure if it's really working, but I feel "cleared out" when I use it :)

The mother of all home remedies.  Add a little honey and lemon and it still makes me miss my morning coffee!

On to baby news...

Baby Smo is 19 weeks this week and is the size of a mango!

Hello, my little mango baby!

I'm still feeling a few little flutters here and there, but they're so fleeting that, before I even realize that it's movement, it's already passed.  You sneaky baby, you! 

More 19-week factoids:
  • Baby is developing a protective coating over his/her skin, called vernix caseosa.
  • Baby is working on his/her five senses. Nerve cells for his/her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in its brain.  (info courtesy of The
I've been thinking more about the baby registry and getting signed up for a hospital tour and birthing classes.  Thinking guys, not actually doing.  I brainstorm (and Pinterest!) alot; eventually I'm going to have to put some of this brainstorming into action, but not today because that just seems too stressful!  I'm thinking once we find out the gender of the baby, my creative juices will start flowing and I'll begin the nesting process...or atleast I hope that's what will happen :)

The BIG anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for next Monday and our gender reveal is the following weekend!  Very soon we'll know if Baby Smo is a he or a she!!

Until next time, friends...keep it classy!

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