Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Questions People Ask Pregnant Women

Being sick and at work...sucks!  This cold is kicking my ass!  I swear, Baby Smo probably hasn't slept in over a week with all of the hacking coughing I've been doing!  Sorry baby, I'm sure you'll make this up to your mama once you're born ;)

Since becoming pregnant, people tend to ask me a certain line of questions.  I'm sure most pregnant women get these same kind of questions; I guess it's just so fun for me since it's my first pregnancy and this is all new to me.  Either way, I've compiled a list of these Pregnancy FAQs and my common answers.  I've also listed my sarcastic alternative answers that I sometimes wish I could voice without there being too much judgement passed, but it's important to be PC in this way-too-PC world, right?!

Pregnany FAQs:

Q: Are you experiencing any cravings?
A: Salty stuff, gummy bears and sour worms.
Sarcastic Alternative A:  Bugs.  And dirt.

Q:  Do you have any inkling as to what you're having?
A:  Not really, I think other peoples' opinions tend to sway my own, so I don't think I have an inkling either way.
Sarcastic Alternative A:  I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby, but I could be wrong...

Q: Do you have a preference of a boy or girl?
A: Nope, I just want a healthy baby!
Sarcastic Alternative A: I'm hoping for a baby that's not as sarcastic and nutty as me...

Q:  How much maternity leave will you be taking?
A:  My plan is to take three months.
Sarcastic Alternative A: I'm hoping to win the lottery in the next few months so I never have to work again.  I don't play the lottery, so I'm not sure how I expect this to happen. 

Q:  Did you experience alot of morning sickness?
A:  Not so much.  Some nausea and major fatigue, that's about it!
Sarcastic Alternative A:  No, but being asked that question tends to induce immediate vomiting for me...

Q:  When are you due?
A:  June 3rd
Sarcastic Alternative A:  What are you talking about?!  I'm not PREGNANT!  (I'd love to do this to someone and really embarass them!)

Q:  Do you plan on having a natural birth or will you be getting an epidural?
A:  Definitely planning on getting an epidural!
Sarcastic Alternative A: Do I LOOK like I'm a glutten for pain?!  (Props to all my mama friends who went au natural, but I'm not that brave!)

Q:  Are you excited to be having a baby?
A:  Absolutely!  What a wonderful blessing this pregnancy is!  Mike and I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to be parents and to raise a child!
Sarcastic Alternative A:  Heck no!  I hate kids!  (Seriously just kidding on this one, but it would be totally funny to see someone's reaction!)

Any other crazy (or standard) questions that I'm missing here...??


  1. do people come up and try to rub your belly? (and I'm talking about strangers)

    I think that would drive me crazy!

    It already drives me crazy when strangers touch babies without asking the parent permission first!

    I've been guilty myself of asking all these questions, lol.


    1. Hi Magali! Nope, no random belly rubs yet, and hopefully never! That would be really really strange! But if it happens, I'll be sure to post it on the blog so I can remember that craziness! I really do enjoy the questions...it's just peoples' way of being excited for you! I ask all those same questions, too! :)

  2. Crissy!
    First of all, congrats on the baby - you will be a great mommy! I loved all your answers but especially the alternative to the 'inkling' question the most. Getting the epidural is a wonderful thing - I tried au natural for a couple of hours but I just could not take the pain. Can't wait to find out if you are having a boy of girl! Congrats again girl!
    Meaghan T.

  3. Thank you, Meaghan! I'd like to try and tough the labor out for as long as possible, but I've got no "birth plan." In fact, my midwife suggests not to have one because anything can change throughout the labor and delivery and keeping an open mind is best :). I like the idea of the least pain possible, though!

  4. Hey there fellow Texan! I found your blog from a comment you made on MamaLaughlin's blog. I'm an expectant first time mom too due in August. Love your answers, I'm getting asked all the same questions!

    I like that you're a couple of months ahead of me, I can see what I have to look forward to! Looking forward to keeping up with you and Baby Smo!

    1. Hi Jenni! Thanks for following me! Where in Texas are you? I live in Houston. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Hopefully I can give you some insight into what to expect :)

      Do you have a blog?

    2. I'm a Wacko from Waco. I'm just getting back into blogging after a hiatus. I felt like I didn't have anything exciting going on until now. Ha! I'm at jenn577.blogspot.com