Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy Thursday, aka the Gateway to the Weekend...WOOT WOOT!  No early January post would be complete without listing resolutions for the year.  However, I'm not a huge fan of "resolutions."  If you ask me, resolutions, like rules, were made to be broken.  Who am I kidding?!  I'm the biggest rule-follower around, I mean, look where I work?!  But I digress.  I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, but goals are definitely something I work towards and what better time than now to outline those goals that I "resolve" to accomplish, and for all of you to see, so you can hold me accountable!  Damn.  

In 2013, I Resolve To:

- Be consistent with my blog.  I definitely won't be posting everyday, but once or twice a week is my goal.  My sister friend Amanda and I are brushing up on our blogging skills so that we can attend the BlissDom Conference in 2014.  The BlissDom Conference is basically a three-day seminar where bloggers, photographers and at-home entrepreneurs alike get together and learn new skills for their tradecraft.  Of course, I would feel pretty lame-o if I paid the money to attend this event without honing in on my blogging and photog skills prior to.  SO, a little motivation for me?  Most definitely!

- Be a good mama (and all that that entails).  Y'all, I'm having a BABY THIS YEAR!  Isn't that AMAZING?!  I think it is, and I'm freaking out a little, but definitely not as much as I thought I would!  Maybe that's because I know God's got this and He will equip me with everything I need to nurture and love our sweet little one!  Whatever being a good mama means, I want to be that for my baby.  I know I'm going to make mistakes, lose sleep, get stressed and probably cry a lot a little on this journey, but what a blessing it will be and I am so grateful for the opportunity!  Wow, this baby is going to be so lucky to have such a great mama!  HAHA, I kid, I kid!

- Be a good wife.  Of course, I'm sure if you asked my husband, he would say I am already an amazing wife and there's no improvement needed.  HA!  That was a good joke, right?!  But in all seriousness, with the new baby coming, things are going to get tough and nerves are going to get strained but I still want to make an effort to show him how much I appreciate him providing for our family and being a good man.  Because really and truly, he is such a wonderful man and he needs to be treated as such!  I don't want to lose sight of that when the baby arrives! 

- Bust my butt to lose the baby weight so I can look and feel like the fit, healthy mom I want to be!  To motivate me, Mike has us going to the NHRA awards banquet in Hollywood, CA and I want to ROCK an awesome dress!  I also want to start training for the Rodeo Run 10K that's held February, 2014 and get back into CrossFit a couple days a week.  Sounds like pretty good motivation to me!  Now, to find a schedule that works with the baby...THAT will be a challenge, but I WILL make it work!  Because nothing worth having comes easy, right?!

- Be at peace with change.  When Mike and I were preparing to move back to Texas, I knew things were going to be different.  I had been gone for over four years and some of my friendships were well, different.  Life happens and people and things change.  And that's OK.  Sometimes my heart has a hard time catching up with that fact, but I'm working on it!

Five goals.  Yep, that should fill up my year pretty well!

On to baby news!!!

Baby Smo is 18 weeks...and mama is looking (and feeling) it!  He/she is the size of a sweet potato, while my belly is the size of a bowling ball...what gives?!  The past couple of weeks, I've been feeling a few flutters here and there, but they're so fleeting that I often mistake them for gas (sorry, TMI).  The other night, I was leaning over my bathroom sink and I swear, I could feel that baby do a little somersault in there!  Talk about freaky, but really cool, all at the same time!  It really is a miraculous thing, knowing I'm growing a human in there!  There are days that I can't believe I'm's all so surreal!  But not a day goes by that I don't praise God for this amazing gift he has given to us!  I also received some great news today!  My blood work for Downs Syndrome, spina bifida and the trisomy disorders all came back negative!  Can I get an AMEN?!

Our anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, January 14.  To commemorate this special event, I mailed out the invitation to our gender reveal party, set for Sunday, January 20!

How fun it will be to find out the gender of Baby Smo with friends and family!

Until next time, keep it classy, friends!

- Crissy

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