Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Inspiration

Where has this past week and a half gone?!  I checked my last blog post, looked at the calendar and realized that I've been M.I.A for over a week!  I swear, time is FLYING BY and before I know it, this baby's going to be here!  Needless to say, I'm freaking out juuuusssst a bit! 

Lately, I've been doing a lot of research on nurseries and what theme I want for Baby Boy's room.  I've found some inspiration from these photos on Pinterest:

I found the above-the-crib wall art at Hobby Lobby (50% off...HOLLAA!).  I'm digging the bright colors and patterns throughout. 
Photo courtesy of Project Nursery

I love the bright colors and blue chevron curtains and bumper pads!  Photo courtest of Project Nursery

So, here we are.  I've got the inspriation in I just need to put all of the working parts together.  I've been doing some searching on Etsy for crib bedding and curtains but GEEZZEEEE, this stuff is EXPENSIVE!  Much more so than the store-bought stuff, but way cuter!  I'll have to see about cutting some corners with other decor to get the bedding and curtains I want!  Originally, I was totally against the white nursery furniture, but it seems to go SO WELL with the brigh colors!  Hubby and I will be doing some nursery shopping this weekend and *hopefully* we will nail down our furniture!

Until next time, friends :)


  1. I didn't want white either, but I'm glad we went with it. It does look good with bright colors.

  2. Love the bright colors! We find out what Baby B is in a couple of weeks. Until then I'm just dreaming. I'm hoping when we find out it will kick me into high gear, I haven't done anything yet! Bad mommy!