Friday, February 15, 2013

A-Z {A Little 'Bout Me!}

I found this on a random blog today and thought I'd give it a whirl!  This one seems fun since it corresponds to the alphabet.


It's the little things in life, folks :)


A-Z & a little about ME!


A. Age: 29

B. Bed size: King.  Apparently not large enough though, since my husband always ends up scrunched up against me with about three feet on his side.  Ugh.
C. Chore you hate: Hmmm, probably laundry.  The washing part isn't bad, it's the folding that I loathe.

D. Dogs:  A yellow lab mix named Bri.  I loves her :)
E. Essential start to your day:'s my favorite meal of the day!
F. Favorite color: blue
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: 5'6"
I. Instruments you play: None
J. Job Title: Administrative Specialist.  I specialize in smart-assery.
K. Kids: One on the way...and he's already amazing!
L. Live:  After living four years in North Carolina (which is a BEAUTIFUL part of the country), I'm back in my hometown, the 'burbs of Houston, TX.
M. Married:  Yep...he's pretty amazing, just like our future kid!  His name is Mike, but me and his family call him Michael.  Because we're proper like that.  We've been married three years.
N. Nicknames: Cris.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None so far!  Praise the Lord for good health!
P. Pet peeve: People who use improper spelling and grammar.  And yes, I DO judge you for using poor grammar.  Proofread that sh*t!  Oh, and incompetent people.  And people who blame everyone for their problems in life.  And people with excuses for everything.  I pretty much hate everyone.

Q. Quote  Oh, there are so many quotes that inspire me on a daily basis.  One that I've been trying to live is, "Before you act, listen.  Before you react, think.  Before you spend, earn.  Before you criticize, wait.  Before you pray, forgive.  Before you quit, try." - Ernest Hemingway
R. Righty or Lefty: Lefty

S. Siblings: I'm an only child, but I have a half-sister who was adopted at birth.  I found out about her (and got to meet her) when I was about 20.  Talk about a big shock!
T. Time you wake up:  On weekdays, I have my alarm set for 5:20am, but I don't usually roll out of bed until about 5:40am (that explains why I'm always late to my carpool).  On weekends, I'm usually up between 7 and 8am.  That will soon change in a couple of months!

U. University attended: Sam Houston State...Eat 'Em Up, Kats!
V. Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts.  They taste like farts.  Or, what I think farts would taste like if you could taste them...
W. What makes you run late: See answer "T"
X. X-rays you've had:  foot and shoulder (foot was fractured when I was in drill team; shoulder was broken when I was playing basketball)
Y. Yummy food: Everything.  I don't discriminate.  Mama always said I was a good eater.  That hasn't changed one bit ;)
Z. Zoo animal favorite:   Bears
Happy Friday, friends!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  My hubby is out of town this weekend (it's opening season of the NHRA...YEEHAW), and in honor of him, I shall post this quote from the amazing Dwight from The Office.  This is my husband, to a T:

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