Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love...Ain't What This Post's About

Well actually, it kind of is!  But not mushy-gushy love, because this girl is a realist.  I've seen too much mushy-gushy turn into failed relationships.  Let's keep it real, folks!  No need to post Facebook photos of your flowers and chocolates and how your amazing man dropped hundreds of dollars on dinner and then next week, you guys aren't dating anymore.  No one wants to see that crap. But if you do, that's totally cool because I'll probably "like" the photo anyways :).   Just make sure y'all are still together a few weeks from now, mmk?  But, I do have to show you guys my Valentine's Day PSA that I posted this morning on Facebook:

You're welcome.

While I have your undivided attention, I do want to talk about something that's been weighing on my heart lately...raising our future son to be a good man and husband.  After all, he won't be mama's baby forever (WHY NOT?!) and I want him to be a man of faith and to not only honor God, his parents, but his future spouse as well.  Yesterday, I was talking to a good friend of mine who has two boys and she was telling me about how her husband takes the boys to the store and has them pick out a nice card or make a craft at home for mom on special holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.  It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, just something to teach the boys that these holidays are important (especially for women) and that even a small act of kindness goes a very long way.  I think as women, when our parents shower us with little tokens of love (again, nothing big or expensive), we expect that from our future spouse and when that is lacking, it creates a confusing situation (does he not do this because he doesn't care, or because he wasn't brought up this way?).  I don't want this confusion in our home.  I want to instill in my son (with the help of his father) that those little tokens of love are so appreciated by women and while a card or a little craft may seem silly to some, it means the world to others.

Mamas of boys, how do you and your husband teach your sons those little "tokens of love" and how those small gestures go a long way?

Happy Valentine's Day, folks!  And don't forget to love on someone today!  

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  1. Love that Roger Creager reference!!

    The Hubs and I were having this conversation the other day. We have friends that are having relationship troubles. I think what a lot of their problems stem from is lack of appreciation. I think they compare their relationship to others and set high expections for their significant others only to be disappointed when things don't go to "plan". I appreciate anything my husband does for me and let him know that. He does the same in return. Anything from helping fold laundry to calling me on his way home to ask if I need anything to picking up my favorite coffee at the grocery store, I tell him thank you. He does the same thing. And it makes us WANT to do things for each other because we know the other one APPRECIATES it. No matter how big or small. I'm a firm believer in the thought that counts and I plan to instill that in my daughter or son. Gifts don't have to cost a lot of money to let someone know you love and appreciate them.