Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Mondays and Girl Scout Cookies are Awesome-Sauce

What up, fancy folks?!  Happy Monday!  Y'all are going to kill me, but I have to say, aside from Fridays, Monday is probably the best day of the week for me.  It's not my FAVORITE day of the week, just the BEST day of the week for me.  I'm a nut, I know, but hear me out on this!  It's not that I love my job so much that I can't wait to end my weekend and go to work (that's FAR from the truth), but on Mondays, I'm not wore (add an "h" in there, and things might start to get weird) out yet from the week, my work is caught up and my inbox isn't cluttered with to-do's (I'm one of those nut jobs that likes to have the majority of their work complete and inbox cleared out at the end of each week).  That and my house is usually clean.  I function much better when my house is clean.  Laugh all you want, but maybe I need to buy one of these snazzy mugs:

Yeah-yuh!  Go Mondays!
 Folks, I'm beginning to love the month of February more and more each day!  Not only is it the beginning of the NHRA race season (I'll explain why in a future post; it's all my husband's fault!), the beginning of the Houston Rodeo (yeehaw!), but it's also GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME!!  I ordered four boxes of those bad boys and guess who had a special delivery today?!?!  This girl!  See why I love Mondays?!  And, in true Crissy fashion, I say to myself, "Oh yeah, I'll open up this box of amazing Thanks-a-Lots and only have two."  Clearly, I've gone completely nutso because, within about 15 minutes, SIX of those boogers were GONE!  Y'all, that's 450 calories!  Yes, I know I'm pregnant and I'm allowed more calories, but 450 calories-worth of SUGAR?!?  If this child is hyperactive, we know who to blame!  Yikes!  Anyways, my stomach hurts now so the temptation is gone.  As soon as I get home, I'm throwing these crazy things in the freezer.  Maybe.

Look at how fit these girls are.  I bet THEY didn't eat six of these cookies in one sitting!

Yes, Girl Scout Cookies, you ARE America's Best Cookies!  And I love you, about as much as Mondays ;)

Until next time, friends...have a wonderful MONDAY!!


  1. Girl, an open sleeve of Thin Mints is an empty sleeve around me. HA!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sittin Pretty! i managed to add the follower gadget back just incase you wanted to follow me. I thought I'd check you out too and this is totally cute! I'll certainly be visiting often! I have to tell you, it takes a special kind of person to LOVE MONDAYS! Just 3 more days and another one will be here!