Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In The Home Stretch

Good Morning, folks!  Here we are at 28 weeks (and by "we," I mean "me")!  I made it to the third trimester...WAHOO!  Time has truly flown by!  I can't believe in less than 90 days I'll be a mama to my baby boy!  I still feel like a kid myself, and now I'm going to be responsible for a little human being?!  Lord, help this child! ;) 

26 Weeks - one week shy of the third trimester.  I slacked and didn't take a photo of myself at 27 weeks.  Sue me.  I'm tired! 

I feel incredibly blessed to have had a pretty normal, uneventful pregnancy.  Aside from feeling achy, tired and big, I've had no major issues and for this, I am thankful.  I'm praying for an uneventful remainder of the pregnancy and a quick, painless (bring on the epidural!) labor and delivery :)

I think I'm finally over the procrastination slump I was in a month or so ago!  The nursery is finally coming together, pediatrician is picked out, and I'm getting all of my infant care classes knocked out.  BAM!  How's that for being on top of things?!  We even picked out a name for Baby Boy Smo...more on that in another post :)

So many things to look forward to in the next couple of months: A couple of baby showers, maternity photos, completing the nursery, oh, and OF COURSE, the birth of our son!

And just for fun, check out this doll baby niece of ours:

If this baby is any indication of what ours may look like, I'm pretty sure we're all set in the "adorable baby" category ;)

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