Friday, March 1, 2013

Mutton Bustin' and Gray Hairs

My favorite time of year in Houston is rodeo season.  Three weeks of livestock shows, BBQ, rodeos and amazing concerts is my kind of a good time!  Wednesday night, Mike and I headed out for some rodeo action followed by Alan Jackson (see what I mean by Good Time?!  If you don't get this pun, forget it)! 

Y'all, they had FRIED KOOL-AID at this place!  Now THAT'S a little overboard, dontcha think?!

Please forgive my husband's puffy eyes.  He has a cold.  Please forgive his wife's puffy face.  She's pregnant.

Wednesday was Military Appreciation Day at the Rodeo.  These Air Force members propelled from the roof of the stadium!

Before the concert, they have the usual rodeo events...bull riding, barrel racing, calf scramble and the UBER CUTE mutton bustin'!  I pretty much laughed until I cried watching these sweet babies (five and six year olds) ride these little sheep.  Poor kiddos, as soon as those sheep ran out of the chute, those babies were thrown off!  My husband has decided that it would be cute for our son to get in on the mutton bustin' action when he's old enough. 

This is what Daddy will see...his son looking all big and strong on the sheep.
Photo courtesy of Westfall Photography

And this is what Mommy will see...her son getting trampled by the sheep! Photo courtesy of Westfall Photography 

I can already feel my gray hairs coming in...


  1. I love, Love, LOVE the rodeo! and Mutton Bustin is one of my favorite parts! I've watched many friends kids partake and they love it! and have walked away unscathed so let the boy be a boy. If Baby B is a boy maybe we can get them on the Mutton Bustin Circuit together! Ha! A Mom can dream!

  2. How do they fry Kool-Aid??... I love all things fried, but this confuses me lol

    1. Leigh, I have NO IDEA! I wasn't about to try any of that weirdness!