Friday, March 15, 2013

Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement for your safety and enjoyment:

Throughout my pregnancy, I've received many questions and comments from friends and co-workers, most of which are very kind and tactful: "How are you feeling?", "How's the baby?", "You look great", etc., etc.  And of course, with the good comes the bad!  Ridiculous, tactless questions and comments where you have to bite your tongue and hold your fist back from meeting their face.

To clear up any confusion as to what you should and should not say to a pregnant woman, here are a few tips:

1) DO tell her how beautiful she looks.

2) DO tell her that she doesn't look pregnant from the back.  Trust me, this is a BIG compliment!  This reiterates to the pregnant woman that she's only carrying in her belly, which is where she's SUPPOSED to be carrying.  And thus, there will be less to lose in other areas once the baby's born. 

3) DO NOT ask her if she's carrying twins.

4) DO NOT tell her that she's gotten "huge" or "enormous" since the last time you saw her.

5) DO NOT look suprised when she tells you she has a little over three months to go in her pregnancy and respond with, "Oh, that's a BIG BABY."  Um, how about you shut your BIG MOUTH?!

And one of the most important things to remember:

A pregnant woman is SUPPOSED to gain weight and look big.  For God's sake, she's carrying a baby in there!  Have a little sympathy (and tact!) before you get punched in the face (or stabbed like the below illustrates):

You're welcome. 


  1. Love this. I wore my 1st Maternity shirt this week. It should have been a shirt that says "This is my 1st maternity shirt" EVERYONE noticed. I thought I could slide it by but NO! Everyone said "Wow you've got so big all of a sudden" "You're really starting to show now" "Does your belly feel hard yet?" Ugh

    DH takes the cake though, he was on the phone w/ a friend who he told "Yeah, it's like you can almost WATCH her GROW this week" Umm.. As I handed him the shovel for his own grave he said "I mean, you didn't look THAT big on Monday" WTH?

  2. This is hilarious! When I was pregnant, my sister-in-law told me I didn't look pregnant, I just looked pudgy for a while. She meant it as a compliment to say I hadn't gained that much weight, but I interpreted it as "You don't look pregnant, you just look fat!"