Sunday, April 21, 2013

Showered with Love

Happy Sunday!  What a wonderful weekend this was!  My most favorite people came together to celebrate our son!  Yesterday was my baby shower!  Here are a few photos from the special day!

Diaper cake and diaper wreath made by my sweet, talented friends Lindsey (cake) and Kim (wreath)!  Thank you, ladies :)

Decor and food spread :)

Cutest little baby fruit boat made by my mom!  Graham crackers and cookie shots, courtesy of the Hostess with the Mostest, Miss. Sarah Jane!

Sweet friends (and mama!) who helped with the shower!
Onesies for Aiden!  My friends are so artistic!

Baby Aiden is one spoiled little boy!
Love you, ladies!  Thank you for a wonderful baby shower!!

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  1. HOW EXCITING!! What sweet ideas for a shower. I'm trying to get shower stuff ready too. Kb and I made our 1st attempt at registering this weekend. We ended up following another clueless couple around and all 4 of us looked scared to death. HA! Our gun finally pooped out on us and we took it as a sign to give up and go eat. When you're pregnant can't anything be a sign to give up and go eat?? HA! Sweet shower pics and I love your baby boy's name! We're still test driving ours.