Monday, April 1, 2013

The BIG 3-0 (Weeks)

Good Morning and Happy Monday, friendlies!  I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Ressurection Sunday (except for Google; they just suck!).

We (me and babe) hit a major milestone last week; the BIG 3-0 weeks!  Only ten more (give or take) weeks to go!  CRAZY!  It's pretty mind-blowing knowing that, in a couple months that sweet baby boy will make his entrance into the world!  Ten weeks to go and mama's looking like a whale.  So far, I've gained 30 pounds, but from this picture, it looks like I've gained about 80 (womp womp).

Nevermind those pasty legs.  Mama's getting a spray tan done for her maternity photos soon ;)

I think my nesting tendencies have started to kick in; I've been prepping the nursery like crazy (thanks to that awesome hubby of mine for putting the furniture together and hanging crap on the walls for me!) and doing a little laundry for Baby Boy.

He's not even here and he has more clothes than me!

As far as how I'm feeling?  Eh, pretty good minus the horrendous back pain.  Y'all, it feels like I have to pop my lower back all the time but it won't pop!  Worse feeling ever!  My doc said it's because my abs haven't been working much lately and the back has to take the brunt of all this weight and pressure.  I'm going to increase my stretching routines and see if that helps any.  It's starting to warm up here in good ol' humidity-ridden Houston and I'm starting to feel it.  Mike just can't seem to understand why I'm so damn hot all the time.  Um, try gaining 30 pounds in your belly and you tell ME how comfortable you feel ;) 

Baby's been moving around like a madman lately and I LOVE it!  It truly is the most amazing feeling in the world!  I often wonder what the heck he's doing in there, maybe playing Rock Band?!  Who knows, but he's a pretty cool kid and I love him so!

Once we get the nursery complete, I will post pictures, but not before because I'm extremely particular about posting "in progress" pictures.  I want y'all to think I'm this amazingly creative person who put together this amazing nursery overnight and that it's always looked perfect.  Mmmkay?!  Mmkay!

Once again, I had the ol' babe in a bar a couple weekends ago!  Mo's Place Katy celebrated 25 years of being in business.  And no, I was NOT there when they opened their doors 25 years ago.  At that time, I was four and my dad was taking me to the Esquire Ballroom on Hempstead Road.

What can I say?!  We're a classy family!

The headliner that night was Mark Chesnutt and, as usual, homeboy was AMAZING!  Give me a 90s country artist over any of these poppy/rock guys any day!

Son, your mama didn't stay away from the bars and concerts on account of her being preggo.  But she did refrain from partaking in alcoholic beverages.  You're welcome and I love you.

Until next time, friends!


  1. You look great! I need to post up a pic now that I'm showing so I can track progress.

    I've had my baby in a bar, a winery, an old honky tonk and will soon be at Larry Joe Taylor Fest. Ain't no stoppin this momma! Well, actually, heat and exhaustion will stop this momma but I'm going to try to be out there having fun! it's the whole "drinking beer is frowned upon while preggo" that sucks. HA! We'll be back at it soon enough!

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL! Feeling baby really is one of the best feelings! I miss it, I loved being pregnant! And in total agreement with the 90's country, this new stuff just can't compete! Love ya girl!

  3. Oh my goodness...10 more weeks...that's it?
    You look gorgeous!