Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's In a Name?

 In true Type A fashion, as soon as the last guest left from our gender reveal party, I began researching baby boy names like my life depended on it!  I found his name that night, but Mike wanted me to slow down and not rush into making any rash decisions (can I express to y'all how many times he's said this to me?!?  WAY. TOO. MANY!).  Here we are, a few months later (and five weeks from baby's due date), and the name has stuck!  And we shall call him...

Aiden Michael Smothers!

We knew his middle name would be Michael, since it's tradition in Mike's family for the son to take the father's first name as his middle name, so that was easy. 

Dear Lord, Please let our son be as handsome as his daddy.  Amen.

As for the first name, I really wanted a name with meaning; one that was based in tradition.  Both Mike and I have Scottish heritage, so I started searching Scottish names and lo and behold, Aiden appeared!  Aiden is a name derived from Celtic origins.  Aiden is a variant of the name Aidan and is predominant in English, Gaelic, Irish and Scottish regions.  Some references I found give the definition of Aiden/Aidan as "fire" while a vast majority of the references give the definition as "little fiery one."  I sure do hope he likes his name!

To our "little fiery one,"

As your arrival nears, your mama and daddy wait with eager anticipation to meet you!  You are already loved by so many.  The Lord has blessed us with the responsibility to raise you to be a God-fearing man who is loving to all, thoughtful in his actions and puts others before himself.  Daddy and I look forward to sharing in this life with you!

Your Mama



  1. You and Mike will make great parents. I am so happy for both of you.

  2. 5 weeks!?! How exciting!

    I love the name and the meaning but you better watch what you wish for with a little fiery one. HA!

    I love when families have name traditions, it makes for such a good story later on. We're really close on a name for ours and it does follow the KLB initial tradition in the Hubs family.

    And your letter to your little man??? *tears*