Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Call Me...Mama Chevron

My MIL dubbed me Mama Chevron when I started telling her about all of the chevron pattern stuff I was incorporating into the nursery.  Remember that inspirational post from a couple months back with all of the ideas I had for Baby Aiden's nursery?  Here's the finished product!

I'll be putting canvas prints from his newborn session above his crib!

Just in case you think my nursery is absolutely AH-MAZING and want to copy my style (I'm sure no one wants to, but just humor me, OK?!), here's a list (with links) of where I purchased most of the items from:

~ Green "gotcha" pattern crib skirt and matching pillow case (on rocker) from Etsy.

~ Blue chevron changing pad cover and boppy pillow cover (in crib) from Etsy.
~ Dr. Seuss canvas print from Etsy.  The PDF file was purchased from Etsy and I had the canvas printed from Wal-Mart.  The quality of the canvas print turned out GREAT!
~ Dresser from IKEA.
~ Convertible Crib is Graco from Burlington Coat Factory.  No link because I don't remember what style it is.
~ Panel curtains from Urban Outfitters.
~ Green and white pattern lamp from TJMaxx Home Goods.
~ White end table from Amazon.
~ Pattern wall art from Hobby Lobby.
~ Brown recliner rocker from La-Z-Boy Furniture.

~ All picture frames from Hobby Lobby.

What do y'all think?  Did I pass in the creativity/good mom department?!  :)


  1. O M GEEE! How sweet! I think it turned out great! And I'm getting ideas from you. I love the chair with the table beside it. I didn't think about getting a dresser from IKEA either. Your nursery reminds me of all that I still have to do! I better get going!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! After researching higher-end baby stores for dressers, we realized that the quality of the furniture wasn't much better than what IKEA had to offer. Lots of particle board dressers out there! And, those higher-end furniture stores were asking upwards of $600+ for their dressers! I figured, if we're going to buy something made of particle board, I'm going to spend $300, not $600+. And surprisingly, the IKEA dresser is a decent piece of furniture! If you DO go the IKEA furniture route, my suggestion would be to check ALL of the pieces when you take them out of the box BEFORE you begin the assembly process. My husband made that mistake when he was putting together the pieces and lo and behold, there was a nick at the top of the dresser. Not a huge deal (we used a paint touch-up pen to cover it), but it would have been nice to have it completely blemish free :)

  2. I love it! I'm 7 months pregnant and my nursery has been a work in progress but now that I've had the baby shower I can put the finishing touches on it. Isn't it so exciting?