Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Thursday Post

Hola friends!  It's been a while since I've posted and that makes me feel like a slacker. 

When my sweet friend Sarah Jane saw this picture I posted on FB, she called me up and her first words were, "Ohmygosh, you are so preggo!"  HAHA, I sure am!
This week marks 38 weeks that Baby Smo's been hanging around in his mama's belly and Twelve eleven days before my due date...where has the time gone?!  The nursery's ready, my hospital bag is packed, the fridge is stocked with quick heat and eat meals and the cleaning ladies are coming on Monday to give our home a nice, deep clean.  Now all we need is the baby!

As far as preggo symptoms are concerned, sleeping has become an uncomfortable task the past few weeks, with getting up every hour and a half and my body just feeling totally sore and worn down.  And OH the swelling!  My toes look like vienna sausages; not a good look on me!  I'm drinking water like it's my job, but I can't keep the swelling away.  I'm sure this 90+ degree weather we've been having isn't helping me much!  I think this is nature's way of helping a woman get over the fear of childbirth because Lordy, I am READY!!  Of course, I'm still afraid of the "unknown" but I've got God (and an epidural) on my side!  I can definitely tell the big day is near body is preparing for the big PUSH! 

Here are some photos of what I've been up to the past few weeks (no hubby pics, as he's been out of town working the past several weekends...womp womp!):

Baby loot from my shower at work!  My co-workers are amazing!

Celebrating a sweet friend's baby girl at her shower!

Bumpity bump bump!

This was my mom's 30th Mother's Day and my first! 

A little R&R with my first baby :)

Aiden's going-home outfit!

My sweet friend Kim and her husband Josh welcomed their first baby, Eli Garrett, into the world yesterday!  They've been waiting for this little miracle for quite a while now and he's finally here!  And what a cutie he is:

You are so loved already!

Until next time, amigos!


  1. No worries about child birth. Yes it hurts but when you get to hold your precious Aiden all that pain will be worth it. I love ya!
    Sherry Crane

  2. Hey you! I was just thinking about you and wondering if your little man was here already. I've been a slacker too but I really don't have much to say. I'm still preggo and getting bigger by the minute but nothing too exciting. We finished the nursery this weekend so maybe I'll post something about that.

    You're looking good girl, and Lord I know it's hot. You'll be getting out just in time. I still have June and July to go. We can do it though, Texas Women are tough broads!

    1. Hellllooooo Jenni w/2 n's ;). Yep, I'm still here! Had my 39 week appointment and I'm 2-3 cm dilated, so I'm progressing pretty well! Praying this baby comes on or before next Monday (my due date)! Yes yes, please post pictures of your nursery??