Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aiden's First Month!

Not a whole lot going on in these parts, other than changing poopy diapers and feeding a screaming baby ;)  Aiden's first month was as interesting for us as I'm sure it was for him!  With all of the adjustment going on with our new addition, it's a miracle he's still here.  I kid, I kid!  Mike's family from Iowa came to town and stayed with us during Aiden's first two weeks of life, which was a huge help, especially when my father passed away unexpectedly four days after Aiden was born.  I don't want to go into too much detail, as it's still very raw and painful and I want to keep this post focused on Aiden's first month.  I may write about it on here one day, or I may not.  Aiden has been such a blessing to our family, in more ways than he will ever know.  I know that his presence has helped both my mom and I in the grieving of my father.

The first month was pretty much a blur, however I didn't feel as sleep deprived as I thought I would.  Strange, I know!  When people ask me if I was depressed post-partum, it's hard for me to say because, not only was I dealing with a brand new baby at home, but I was faced with the shock of the passing of my father.  I think my survival instincts kicked in and I did what I had to do.  Having Aiden to focus on really helped, as did counseling.  One thing I do know is, when shit really hits the fan, you find out who your real friends are.  But I digress...all in all I'm doing well and really enjoying being a mom!  They truly are a blessing and so much fun!

Whoever said nursing was the most natural thing in the world was a LIAR!  It may be natural, but it is NOT easy!  Breastfeeding is NO JOKE and it takes some SERIOUS dedication to make it work!  I'm so thankful that Aiden and I have finally found our groove, because mama was about to give up!  

By the end of Aiden's first month of life, he weighed in at a whopping NINE pounds!  He started sleeping for six hour stretches a couple of nights (praise the Lord), but most nights he was up every four hours.  Not bad!  When he wasn't sleeping (which was most of the time), he loved going for walks around the lake in his stroller or Baby Bjorn and loved sucking on his Wubbanub paci.  He makes the cutest little squeaks when he feeds, too! 

Enough jibber jabber, let's get to the pictures!

Aiden's birth announcement

Our sweet boy, month one!  Nevermind my gross foot above...yikes!

Sweet brother and sister

Our first day home!

Friendly visits!  We had so many more friends come to visit, but Aiden was so sleepy his first month!  Hopefully by month two, we'll have more pictures of friends holding him :)
Our family of three :)
Family :)

 We've got a few fun things planned in August...Aiden's first trip to Seattle and the Duke's are visiting!  Until then, later gators ;)


  1. I totally agree with you in bf-ing. Tucker and I tried several tricks and poses, but in the end it just took time. Glad you guys got it worked out!

  2. I'm so so sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad you have your baby boy to focus on.

    You guys look great! and what a support team!

    I was told by a friend that had her baby girl in April that breastfeeding was pretty tough and told me NOT to give up and to push through. Glad to know it doesn't just take off for everyone and it takes a while to find a groove.

    I love your announcement and can't wait to send one out for little Colt when he gets here.