Saturday, August 10, 2013

Month Two

Howdy Do!  We just got back from our trip to Seattle (more on that in a later post), so I wanted to stop in and post on some highlights from Aiden's second month!  This has been a pretty eventful month for our little guy!  He's interacting more and more with coos, smiles and babbling!

He's less fussy and becoming more at ease with being in his rock 'n' play or his bouncy chair. 

He also likes playing music with his piano play mat! (thanks, roomie!)

He's sleeping longer stretches, too!  Lately, he's been going down about 8-8:30 and will sleep until close to 4:00am!  In fact, on Thursday night, he went down around 8:30pm and didn't wake up until 5am!  Keep it up, baby!  This will make things a heck of a lot easier for me when I return to work :)

This past month, Aiden celebrated his first 4th of July!

He went on his first trip to the Gator Park!

No babies were eaten  harmed during this trip!

And he took his first plane ride to Seattle!
Waiting at the terminal gate in Houston

Some of my favorite photos from the past month...

Smirky wirky!

Mr. Faux Hawk!

Little hell raiser

My happy boy!

Meeting Mr. Lovey Bear

Loves looking at his reflection!

Sweet little big guy!

Daddy/Son bonding

If there were any confusion as to whether this child is Mike's, here's your proof!

Bath time with Mommy and Daddy!

Two Month Stats and Milestones:
Weight: 11 lbs., 2.5 oz. (21st percentile)
Length: 23 ins. (45th percentile)
Head Circumference: 15.5 ins. (56th percentile)

* Loves to coo, smile and babble, especially in the mornings!
* Sleeping less during the day and longer at night.
* Celebrated his first 4th of July.
* Took his first plane ride to Seattle!
Loves his Rainforest bouncy seat.
* Enjoys going to baby boot camp with Mommy (he sleeps through the workouts!)
* His neck is getting stronger by the day!
* Starting to like tummy time a little more.
* Loves bath time with Mommy and Daddy.

Happy two months, my sweet little bear!  Each day you're here with us is better than the last!


  1. He sure is growing. I love looking at pictures of him. He is so handsome

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Sooo adorable! I cannot wait! I'm due Dec 19th.

    1. Thank you! They are pretty damn amazing! Best of luck to you as you enter into your last few months of pregnancy!!