Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Month Three

Here we are...three months in and finally out of the "fourth trimester"...WAHOO!  With Aiden around, it feels like Christmas every day!  I can't wait to see his sweet face smiling back at me first thing in the morning!  He's so fun and sweet, I can't help but enjoy every second I'm with him!  He's a happy little guy, constantly babbling, smiling and laughing!  He's not a huge fan of tummy time, but he works really hard at it.  He's still a really good sleeper at night; he's down by 8-8:30pm and will usually sleep until 4am for a feeding and then back down until 7-7:30 when we're up for the day.  I return to work in three weeks, so we'll be working on an "amended" schedule.  He's not the greatest napper in the world; he'll usually take an hour or so nap around 9-9:30am and then a couple 30 minute cat naps later in the day.  Short naps make for an ornery baby by the time 6pm rolls around!  Enough talky-talky...let's get to the fun stuff!!

Ramble on, little guy ;)

Holding his hands in the center of his body...Left and right brain teaming up!
He's got the grasping thing down!
Hey, sweet guy!
Chicks dig me ;)

Hanging with Daddy and Mommy!
The many (super cute) faces of Aiden!

Let me preface this next picture with the following:  I worked really hard carrying this kiddo for nine months AND I labored with him for ten hours (it wasn't really that bad, but whatever).  Most people say that he is the spitting image of Mike, which is well and good, but let this side-by-side comparison show that Aiden is indeed my son and carries a few physical traits of mine:
I rest my case.

Aiden's Monthly Recap:
* Super talkative, with lots of goos, babbles and laughs!
* He's a morning person; he's got a smile on his face every morning!
* Short cat naps during the day.
* In bed by 8:30pm, sleeping 7-8 hour stretches at night.
* Holds his head up on his own.
* Scooting around during tummy time.
* THISCLOSE to rolling over!
* Sucks on his hands.
* Holds his toys.

You're amazing, little guy!  I am so proud to be your mama!

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  1. Oh he is so cute! Your a great Mama! Love you girl, see you in a few months!