Saturday, September 21, 2013

No More Stay-at-Home Mommy!

This weekend marks the end of my maternity leave.  I'm super bummed and anxious all at the same time.  Whoever said women can have it all were LYING!  Us women have to choose.  Do you want a career, or do you want to raise your children?  Yes, I will have every afternoon, evening and weekend with my son, but there are 40+ hours a week where I won't be with him...and that kind of sucks.  A close friend of mine (HI KIM!) has a son who is ten days older than Aiden and she's struggling with the same feelings as me.  We're both scrambling, trying to find ways to maximize our time with our kiddos while keeping our jobs.  Unfortunately for us, our employer doesn't allow for us to work on a part-time status.  It's tough to make the decision to go back to work; I'm sure it's just as tough to make the decision to leave a career to stay at home.  Moms have it rough.  The emotions I've been going through the past month anticipating my return to work have made me incredibly anxious and I've found myself questioning my decision all the time.  Mike gives me weekly "pep talks" and helps me to realize that my going back to work will benefit not only Aiden, but our entire family.  I may not always have to work, but for now, it's the logical thing to do for our family.  Tell that to my crying self come Monday morning! 

 ANYWAYYYYS, enough doom and gloom...let me illustrate to you why it's going to be so tough returning to work and leaving this little guy:

Look who's rolling over?!

He's been sleeping like a champ in his crib!; 10-11 hours each night!  

My lil' hamper baby!

Damn straight ;)

Little baby, big couch

Nice pants, bro!

Alaska Airlines went above and beyond to send Aiden this teddy bear in honor of his very first flight!

See why I'm having such a rough time leaving this little dude?!

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