Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nom Nom Nom!

At Aiden's four month appointment, the doc suggested that we get him started on solid foods.  The past few days, I've been spoon feeding him rice cereal.  The first go 'round was a little rough.  Little guy didn't know what to think of the whole spoon thing and the new textures.  But after a few tries, he seemed to enjoy his first experience with solid foods!

Solid Foods, Take One.  
Please pay close attention to the first photo.  How can a spoon cause so much terror?!  In all fairness, I'm pretty sure it was the camera that startled him, but who knows!  Regardless, that bib is far too big on him!
Solid Foods, Take Two.  MUCH better experience!
I have a feeling this whole solid foods thing is going to be a fun (and messy!) experience for the entire family!

Later, homies! ;)


  1. Soo cool to see your pictures of Aiden. It's like looking into the future! I know what I can expect with my little man. They'd be buds fo sho!

    I thought about you this week when we went to the fair and saw the mutton bustin! I can't wait for Colt to be old enough to do that. Ha!