Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Fall, Y'all!

When Mike and I were living in North Carolina, my absolute favorite time of year was fall.  The days were cool, the nights were chilly and the colors of fall were abundant.  The east coast is truly a beautiful place…especially in the fall!  And now, we're back in Houston.  Enough said.

Although it may not feel like fall as frequently as it should, we're still trying to take advantage of the nice days when they come around.

Of course, no fall is complete without a visit to the pumpkin patch, or, if you're like us…a redneck makeshift pumpkin patch at home.  A little back story on this…since Mike is out of town every other weekend, we try to cram as much into his off weekends as possible.  A few weekends ago, I suggested we head to the pumpkin patch.  Obviously, Aiden is not even old enough to sit up, much less have any idea what's going on.  And, knowing his wife all too well, Mike had a hunch that the only reason I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch was to get some photos of our cutie amongst the pumpkins and hay bales (um, duh!).  So instead, we opted to make our own pumpkin patch at home!  Here are a few of those pictures:

Take One

He looks adorable but the pillows propping him up and fake pumpkins?!  C'mon Mom, you can do better than that!

Take Two
Better props, but Aiden was really fussy, so I didn't get many happy shots.

Take Three

Much better!  Mama's pleased with these!  I didn't think to sit him in his Bumbo, but it really made it a lot easier to take his picture!

My favorite shot ;)

Lessons Learned:
1) Real props, no fakers.
2) No pictures during Aiden's nap time.
3) The Bumbo seat is the best way to prop him up.
4) We're going to the pumpkin patch from here on out!

Happy Fall!!

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  1. They all look very good! Good job! He is soo adorable!