Friday, November 29, 2013


What a bittersweet day it was yesterday.  While I was overjoyed to be experiencing our first Thanksgiving as a family of three, my heart ached for my daddy.  This will be the first set of holidays with Aiden and the first without my dad.  My emotions have been all over the place the past few weeks.  Feeling excited for our family's addition, and at the same time, mournful for our family's loss.  I know with each passing year, things will start to feel "normal" again but for now, we're just taking each day and holiday as they come.

Thanksgiving started out with a turkey trot at the Houston Galleria with my good friend Sydni and her sweet mama, Rhonda.

My first 5K post-baby!  

Once home, we had a Skype session with Mike's mom, stepdad, grandma, sisters and Aiden's cousin Zoey back in Iowa.  He LOVED seeing them on the screen and laughed and babbled the entire time!

My mom and uncle Glen came over for dinner in the afternoon and Aiden got tons of lovin' from them!   

Aiden met his great Uncle Glen for the first time…and Aiden LOVED him!
Little guy's first Thanksgiving!
Happy Happy Happy!

Gobble Gobble :)
So very thankful!

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  1. Love reading these!! I pray these holidays get easier for you and your family. Aiden is growing into such a handsome young baby boy! I must see him again soon! Love ya girly :)- "The Hunts" ;) (I'm still getting used to that)