Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Cards and OCD

Christmas cards are one thing that I love the most about the holiday season.  I run to the mailbox every afternoon like a kid on Christmas morning, anxious to see who sent us another dose of holiday cheer.  I keep all of them, too!  Am I the only one who keeps track of Christmas cards received?  I am so incredibly OCD…I keep a spreadsheet of who we received cards from year-to-year.  I'm very serious about our Christmas cards and I tend to spend too much on them, so I have to be selective, otherwise, it gets way out of hand.  This is where the spreadsheet comes in.  I keep track from the past two years of who we've received a card from.  If, after two years we don't receive a card (after sending a card), I assume this person hates us and no longer wants to receive cards from us, so they get taken off our Christmas card list.  Good rule of thumb, right?  Yes, I think so too!  Except for family members of course, even if they DO hate us and don't send us a card, they still get one :)

SOOOO, if you didn't get a Christmas card from us this year, it's most likely because you hate us ;)

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