Sunday, January 19, 2014

Month Seven

Hola friends and family!  Look who's almost three weeks late on getting Aiden's monthly post up?!  Are you at all surprised?!  Yeah, me neither!  Anyways, last month was pretty eventful for Mr. Aiden...we celebrated Christmas and New Year's and even had our first cold (yuck!).  At seven months, Aiden started sitting up all by himself!  He loves to "clap" by doing a rolling motion with his fists, and when Gramma Nancy or I start singing "Pat-a-Cake," Aiden starts "clapping" darn cute!  He loves to squeal and talk, too.  Another cool milestone this month, Aiden waved "bye" to my friend Sarah!  Maybe it was just a coincidence, but when she waved at him, he waved right back!  Aiden's still teething, lots of drooling, but still no teeth breaking through yet.  He really enjoys watching Bri and my mom's dog Sandy run around and he reaches out and pets them, too.  He's getting a bit closer to crawling, he just can't seem to coordinate his arms and legs at the same time.  He sleeps on his tummy with his butt in the air.  How this is comfortable, I'll never know!  He tried chicken for the first time this month and he seems to like it, especially mixed with avocado (his favorite!).  I keep telling Mike that, when he's old enough to eat chips, Aiden's going to be my guacamole buddy when we go out for Mexican food!

Don't let Bri's face fool you.  She's actually really enjoying this!  Ha!

Really, Mom?!  Another picture?!

Big boy sitting at the big table!

What can I say?!  I'm an adorable guy!  ;)

Mmmm, books!

My Auntie Coco makes the BEST blankets!

My beautiful, blue-eyed babe!

Happy boy, hanging out with Daddy and Bri!

Seven Month Highlights
* Nicknames: Bud and Bubba
* Sitting up all by himself
* Clapping
* Waved "bye" for the first time
* No teeth yet, still teething!
* Loves avocados and chicken
* Celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve with Mommy, Daddy and Gramma Nancy

These photo shoots are getting tougher the older he gets ;)

Love you, big guy!!

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