Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Santa vs. Aiden

Ever notice the spelling resemblance between Santa and Satan?  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe this is why babies have such a hard time sitting on St. Nick's lap…

Since this was Aiden's first Christmas, I knew we had to take the obligatory "baby crying on Santa's lap" picture.  Earlier in the month, our neighborhood brought Santa to the community center.  Being that my tolerance level for mall crowds is about a -5 during the off season, standing in line to see Santa at the mall was completely out of the question.

The community center had a really nice set up with a Christmas tree, snacks and crafts for the older kiddos.  There was only one other person in line before us, so our wait was minimal.  I was very hopeful that this was going to be a good experience because you know, my kid is AMAZING and of course he would be on his BEST behavior and would enjoy his time on Santa's lap.  Um, negative.

The meeting started off pretty harmless...

"Hey guy, I'm digging your red coat."

"What's up with all these people standing around looking at us?!"

"What the hell?!  You don't look like anyone I know!"

…and very quickly escalated...


Oh well, it makes for good pictures at least!  ;)

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