Thursday, April 17, 2014

Month Nine Update

Hello!  I should probably stop apologizing for my tardiness with these monthly updates.  The only time I have to write these posts is when Aiden goes to bed at night and well, let me be honest with you...I've been binge-watching Breaking Bad every night.  #priorities #sorrynotsorry

The month of February was on and off the calendar quicker than I had time to blink.  I think my life is set on fast forward, because I CAN'T. KEEP. UP!  Anyways, at nine months, Aiden started crawling and standing up and leaning on furniture.  He also likes to jerk his head like Daddy does when he tries to make Aiden laugh.  He can wave "hi" but only with his right weird!  Aiden started shaking his head this month.  At first, we thought he was saying no, but then one day, when Mike was playing tug-of-war with Bri, we noticed every time Bri would jerk her head from side to side with her toys, Aiden would start shaking his head, too!  Oh, the things kids learn!  At nine months, Aiden is able to sign "more."  We're still working on "eat" and "all done"!  He can say "mama," "dada," and "baba."  He tried guacamole and tortillas for the first time and he loved them both!  He is such a happy baby!  Mike and I are beyond blessed to have such a good kiddo!

Heartbreaker ;)

Tub time!

Having fun at his buddy Tucker's birthday party!

Watch out for flying babies!

Mirror, mirror

Channeling his inner Johnny Cash!
Happy Go Texan Day!
He loves tortillas :)

Nine Month Stats and Milestones
* Height - 28.25" (46%)
* Weight - 17 lbs., 12 oz. (18%)
* Head Circumference - 17.75" (53%)
*New foods - tortillas and guacamole
* Waves "hi"
* Says "mama," "dada," and "baba"
* Signs "more"

Love you, big guy!

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